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1. Executive Summary 3
2. Introduction 4
2.2. Introduction of EDO 4
2.2.1 Overview 4
2.2.2. Major duties 4
2.2.3. The process of coordination in processing applications according to the one stop shop model at the EDO 6
2.3. Project overview 6
2.4. Project Scope and Benefits 6
2.5. Objectives of the Project 7
2.6. Four Basic Stages of a Project Life Cycle 7
3. Project Requirements 7
3.1. Human resources 8
3.2. Finance 8
4. Project Resources 8
4.1. Budget Summary 8
4.2. Management Team 9
5. Time Management 10
5.1. Project Timeline 10
5.2. Work Break-down Structure (extracted from Microsoft Project) 10
5.3. Working process 11
5.4. Inspection process 11
6. Cost Management 11
7. Quality Management 12
7.1. Quality management process 12
8. Risk Management 12
9. Recommendation and Conclusion 13
Dịch vụ viết thuê Assignment
Dịch vụ viết thuê Assignment
Table 1: Budget Summary 8
Table 2: Role and responsibilities 9
Table 3: Work Break – down structure 10
Figure 1: Management team structure 9
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1. Executive Summary 
It has been currently evaluated that Vietnam is a potential market and has a great potential for development. Thus, Vietnam has many advantages to develop. 
Ninh Thuan, located in the southern part of Vietnam Central Coastal Region, borders Khanh Hoa in the North, Binh Thuan in the South, Lam Dong in the West, East Sea in the East. The province has total natural surface of 3,358 km2, 7 administrative units: 01 city and 6 districts. Phan Rang – Thap Cham city of type II, as provincial city, constitutes a political, economic and cultural center of the province, distant from Ho Chi Minh City by 350 km, from Cam Ranh airport by 60 km, from Nha Trang city by 105 km and from Da Lat city by 110 km with favorable conditions for circulations in service of socio-economic development. (edoninhthuan.gov.vn)
Meanwhile, the income of residents is gradually increased and the economy is growing, so Ninh Thuan is an attractive place for the businesses. 
With a resolve to vigorously improve the province’s investment environment, on 08 March 2010, the Economic Development Office – (EDO) was established. 
As the goal of improving the province’s economy, EDO has developed a comprehensive strategy to attract investors. The following article presents the issues related to project of enhancing the interest of investors. This will cover some information about EDO, project overview, project requirements, project resources, time management, cost management, quality management, and risk management. After proposing all of elements related to the project, the author gives conclusions and some recommendations for the institute’s strategy and further projects.  
2. Introduction 
2.2. Introduction of EDO
2.2.1 Overview 
EDO is a new institutional model established based on the Singapore’s model and the Monitor Group’s ideas. EDO was established in 2010, specializes in three major functions as follows:
 – To provide advice on work relating to promotion of investment from all economic sectors (domestic and foreign investors) as well as mobilizing development aids (ODA and assistance from NGOs).
– To serve as the focal point in providing guidance and support for investors to complete investment procedures from the beginning to end of the project cycle according to the “one stop shop model”.
– To assist investors and aids donors in solving difficulties arisen during project implementation.
After 6 years of operation, EDO has built a good team, expanded their network, so the institute’s reputation in the province is also very high. The existing platform is very good for EDO to continue developing. 
2.2.2. Major duties
– To provide advice in development and implementation of plans and programs on investment promotion and mobilization of official development assistance and aids from NGOs.
– To organize activities on investment promotion and aids mobilization with a view to introducing and promoting the province’s investment and aids projects to attract both domestic and foreign investors and donors and thus further investment flows in the province. 
– To establish the database and operate the information system to introduce the province’s potentials, investment opportunities, master plans, land, list of projects calling for investment and aids to investors and donors.
– To provide advice to the Director of the Planning and Investment Department in proposing to the Provincial People’s Committee decisions on approval of investment sites and granting of investment licenses to investors from different economic sectors.
– To serve as the focal point in providing guidance as well as receiving and processing applications according to the “one stop shop model” or forwarding them to relevant agencies for processing according to their authority and informed investors of the results of application processing.
– To serve as the focal point in providing guidance and support for donors in the process of acquiring information and implementing aids projects and programs in the province.
– To provide advice on reception and management of ODA and supervising ODA implementation and disbursement in the province.
– To provide guidance on steps and procedures on NGOs project approval in the province so as to advise the director of the Department of Planning and Investment in proposing the province people’s committee for approval.
– To work with departments and agencies in providing advice to the province people’s committee in supporting investors and aids donors in solving issues arisen during investment and aids implementation in the province;
– To propose reforms relating to processes and procedures according to the “one stop shop model” at the EDO along the lines of simplification and consistency.
– To provide advice on mechanisms and policies in attracting investment as well as mechanisms on attraction and management of ODA and NGOs aids programmes and projects in the province.
– To coordinate with functional agencies in organizing professional training courses for staff in charge of implementing EDO’s functions and duties and cooperate with domestic and international organizations in implementing assigned tasks. (edoninhthuan.gov.vn)
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