The causes and effects of gender selection

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction 1
2. The causes and effects of gender selection 1
2.1. The causes of gender selection 1
2.2. The effects of gender selection 3
3. Conclusion 4
4. List of references 4
1. Introduction
With modern technology, it is possible to choose the sex of a baby in the early stages of pregnancy at the moment. Recently, this has been discussed very much because the gender balance is an alarming issue in the society. The cause of this gender selection comes from medical and nonmedical reasons. Although the gender selection of the child can help families have a son or daughter as expected, it strongly affects the gender balance of the country and leads to many other economic – cultural and social welfare issues.
2. The causes and effects of gender selection
2.1. The causes of gender selection
There are two main groups of causes for gender selection or sex selection, they are: Medical reasons and Non – medical reasons.
 Medical reasons:
Ultrasound has been a popular technique and positive contribution of prenatal screening to detect congenital malformations in the fetus and help couples give birth to healthy babies. These are abnormalities (sex – linked genetic diseases) such as Haemophilia, Huntington’s chorea, and Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy,… According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s statistic, there are about 3,000 babies born with neural and brain tube defects each year. If these diseases are not detected early, the baby will have defects or low life … causing consequences for children themselves, their families as well as the society. Therefore, the early detection help remove the fetus reduce not only the risk of abnormally fetuses but also family burden in the future.
The gender selection for medical reasons is acceptable in the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia. According to the new law (Court of Appeal in 2003) of the UK’s government, parents are only allowed to know the sex of their future child if there are special reasons, such as the ability to inherit if the child has enough conditions. Many couples simply want to know their baby is a boy or girl to paint room for children, or told to the older children that they will have a younger brother or sister. And in the United States or Australia, the government does not prohibit sex selection for the fetus. The hospitals in these countries can make in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intervene in this process to select the sex of the fetus as desired. However, in some other countries such as Vietnam, China, India,… the gender selection is a violation of law, people should condemn and prohibit thoroughly due to gender imbalance.
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