Social networking and business: benefits and threats

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Topic: Social networking and business: benefits and threats

I. Introduction 4
II. Importance of the topic 4
III. Impact of this study 5
IV. Analysis of social network 5
1. Benefits 5
2. Threats 7
VI. Conclusion 8

The report was written to support the businesses in terms of benefits and threats of using social network sites. The first parts introduce topic, its importance and impacts on related entities. It is critical to recognize that at the time ecommerce appeared, social network has marked its roles on the success of businesses. It influences not only the business but also the whole economy.
In this study, two impacts of social networks are explored, including benefits and risks. Enterprises gain benefits of qualified employees, productivity, good relationship with customers and larger market size. However, they may fall into dangers of classic threats such as malware, viruses and phishing or information leakage, which results from human errors or participations of competitors.
Finally, the report points out the main issues in the study and admits its limitation in order to recover in the future research.


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