Gender role in Titanic film

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Bài Assignment mẫu: Gender role in Titanic film
Dịch vụ viết thuê Assignment
Dịch vụ viết thuê Assignment
Topic: Gender role in Titanic film
I. Introduction 4
II. Nature of “audience” 4
III. Gender issue in Titanic film 5
4.1 Overview of Titanic film 6
4.2 Gender issue 6
4.2.1 Women’s positions in this film 7
4.2.2 Jack and Rose 8
a. The difference between Jack and Cal in behaving to Rose 8
b. Changing in perspective of Rose toward women’s role 9
c. Some other assumptions 10
4.2.3 “Women and children first” statement 11
IV. Conclusion 11
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I. Introduction
Audiences shall be always in the central of any media text regardless of the different development of social media in the future, since audiences are the targeted people of media text who could bring inspiration or incentives to select a suitable topic of media. Therefore, a successful media text should cover enough information as well as messages related to audiences and attracting them. Raising this idea, there are five main approaches which could present audiences in relation with the text, exploited from my “Media Audience” subject, including gender, ethnicity, sexuality, fans and subculture. Among these above approaches, in this essay, gender aspect is focused on and analyzed from a traditional film, named “Titanic”.
The essay is expected to be helpful for both media analysts as well as students concerning about “Media Audience” subject and directors as well as communicators. That said, from the points in this essay despite its private opinions, media analysts could have information and assistances in identifying the relationships between audiences and media, particularly in gender aspect. Furthermore, they also have references from Titanic film, about how it transferred gender messages to audiences and how the audiences received them.
II. Nature of “audience”
Audience development came from the idea of Danny Newman (1977). He assumed subscription packaging starting in the 1960’s or in other words, audiences in this period are called “subscriptions”. After two years from the initial inspiration of Danny, Lisa Ede (1979) had seen audience as one of the most widely discussed from a neglected concept. The “audience” was not recognized as a concept until 1988, when Allor suggested that “the concept of audience is more importantly the underpinning prop for the analysis of the social impact of mass communication in general”. In addition to the development of “audience” as a concept, many authors had evaluated the notion of “audience” from different perspectives, including individuals, groups and organizations (Kuhn, 2002). Raboy et al. (2001) explored “audience” has been regularly approached as individual perspective.
Audiences of “Titanic” film are all of people watching it on television or video, computer. They may be influenced by this film due to many factors such as romantic love, horrifying disaster; gender and class issue. This essay concentrates on the impact of gender factor towards audiences.
Many researchers have implied that models relating to “audience” have passed four evolutions, including: hypodermic needle model, two step flow model, uses and gratification theory and reception theory (Choukas, 1965; Lowery & DefFluer, 1995; Katz, 1955; Giddens, 1991; Katz & Blumler, 1974; Arbudan, 2012). This evolution indicated the changing of audience, from passive to active. It means audiences of “Titanic” film are able to react with it based on their perspectives and comments about characters as well as content of the film. Thus, it is suggested that to attract audiences, Titanic must generate more controversial issues relating directly to audiences, which can enhance their concerns. It is gender which represents how women and men are presented and the role of women here.
III. Gender issue in Titanic film
Having been the classic drama for many years, Titanic film contains many valuable messages. This scenario is derived from a true story about an actual ship. Hence, it should not be seen as only a love story because apart from romantic scene, Titanic also conveyed to the audiences issues relating to gender and sexuality. As a famous drama which has been watched by many people all over the world, Titanic is the most suitable media text to become my central subject of my essay.
In order to explain clearly about the problem indicator, it is essential to take a look at gender status for the time being. Even though discrimination in gender has decreased in almost countries in the world, it seems to be still a hot issue which is concerned by every person. Elizabeth (2001) had proved that once a society experienced discrimination on a basis of gender, it would pay a significant price, illustrated by higher poverty, lower quality of life, slower economic growth, and weaker governance. Foreseeing these bad results, any country has tried to not only balance the gender equality but also give some favors for women and children. In comparison with other approaches set out in the immediately above paragraph, gender can be considered as the most concerned issue of audiences. However, sexuality is nowadays hot and chosen as the inspiration of many media texts, it still remains controversial and many audiences may avoid commenting on this problem. Additionally, ethnicity and class seem to not draw as strong attention of audiences as gender can do.
4.1 Overview of Titanic film
On April 15, 1912, the Titanic ship had collided into an iceberg and sunk very quickly, which led to the death of more than 1,000 passengers (The New York Times), including people in both first class and second class.
More than 80 years later, the disaster came into screen under the title “Titanic”, which is considered as a resounding success both in terms of revenue and expertise. The film was based on the true story of one survival passenger in sinking, Rose Dawson Calvert. Not only does it illustrate a horrifying spectacle in 1912 but it also expresses a great love between two people in two different classes, between Jack and Rose. My essay will not address either how they love each other or how terrible the sinking happened, but emphasizes on any scene where gender problems appeared. Also, it must be noticed that the final scene when Rose dreamed of Jack with their desires and plans is an impressive stage since Jack behaved to Rose in different ways from what Cal, her fiancé can treat her. In other words, the true love Rose felt from Jack is not restricted in gender issue as current situation of any women in this period in terms of inequality and discrimination.
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