Gender role in Titanic film

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Topic: Gender role in Titanic film
I. Introduction 4
II. Nature of “audience” 4
III. Gender issue in Titanic film 5
4.1 Overview of Titanic film 6
4.2 Gender issue 6
4.2.1 Women’s positions in this film 7
4.2.2 Jack and Rose 8
a. The difference between Jack and Cal in behaving to Rose 8
b. Changing in perspective of Rose toward women’s role 9
c. Some other assumptions 10
4.2.3 “Women and children first” statement 11
IV. Conclusion 11
I. Introduction
Audiences shall be always in the central of any media text regardless of the different development of social media in the future, since audiences are the targeted people of media text who could bring inspiration or incentives to select a suitable topic of media. Therefore, a successful media text should cover enough information as well as messages related to audiences and attracting them. Raising this idea, there are five main approaches which could present audiences in relation with the text, exploited from my “Media Audience” subject, including gender, ethnicity, sexuality, fans and subculture. Among these above approaches, in this essay, gender aspect is focused on and analyzed from a traditional film, named “Titanic”.
The essay is expected to be helpful for both media analysts as well as students concerning about “Media Audience” subject and directors as well as communicators. That said, from the points in this essay despite its private opinions, media analysts could have information and assistances in identifying the relationships between audiences and media, particularly in gender aspect. Furthermore, they also have references from Titanic film, about how it transferred gender messages to audiences and how the audiences received them.
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