Start-up project: Kookie project

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Executive Summary
Kookie is a new project in the fashion field. The aim of this project is offering customers with trendy fashion products at reasonable prices. The main sources of products are from Thailand and China. Target market of Kookie is teenagers and women. It would focus on both selling at store and online trading.
For any new project, information system (IS) is very important. Carrying out IS in a structured manner, firms can improve their business results.
Dịch vụ viết thuê Assignment
Dịch vụ viết thuê Assignment
Thus, in order to improve the IS of Kookie, the author propose some strategies. CRM (Customer relationship management) is a methodology for marketing and sale activities, based on the management of customers’ database. Because businesses are surrounded by high competition, in order to increase profits and acquiring new customers, businesses have to set the tools for efficient interaction between company and customers as well as between its members. Kookie intends to use CRM software, which is composed of various functions. Thus, various tools and techniques must be developed. Besides, some other channels such as Instagram and Zalo are recommended for approaching customers better.
This study aims to understand the IS and how Kookie can use a new IS project to improve their business. The objectives of this study are to determine the meaning of IS, establish how a new IS is applied by Kookie, analyse if this new project is having an effect on internal communication as well as customer buying behaviour and finally analyse how the use of IS methodologies could improve Kookie’s business activities.
This report consists of three sections: Introduction, Current IS status, and Proposed IS strategy. The first part is a short introduction of Kookie project, following by the second chapter which represents the current IS method adopted by Kookie. As a final chapter, the author will provide recommendation of a new IS strategy for Kookie.
Table of contents
1. Introduction 2
1.1. Overview of Kookie 2
1.2. Main products 2
1.3. Market segment 2
1.4. Main Competitors 2
1.5. Business Goals 3
1.6. SWOT analysis 3
2. Current IS status 4
2.1. IS status in general management and operation 4
2.2. Strengths & weaknesses of our current IS 4
2.2.1. Strengths 4
2.2.2. Weaknesses 5
2.3. Why does it stay that way? 5
2.4. The awareness of managers and employees of applying IS 5
2.5. What is current status of the competitors (in IS)? 5
2.5.1. Strengths 5
2.5.2. Weaknesses 6
3. Proposed IS Strategy 6
3.1. Details of proposed IS strategy 6
3.2. Benefits of new IS 7
3.3. Difficulties of trying to adopt the new IS project 8
3.4. Possible influences on company’s clients and partners 8
3.5. Benefits to our organization to stay ahead of its competitors 8
Conclusion 9
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1. Introduction
1.1. Overview of Kookie
Kookie is a fashion brand for women. It was founded in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City on August 2016.
The first store is located at 47 Tran Hung Dao, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, a centralized area between districts in downtown of the city. Following is some information about Kookie project:
– Name of store: Kookie
– Ownership: Tran Hai Yen
– Total capital: A hundred million dong (100,000,000 VND)
– Grand opening: August 2016
1.2. Main products
Kookie provides customers with 2 main product lines:
 Women’s clothing
 Fashion accessories (belt handbags, sun shades, caps, hats, wristwatches, etc.)
Kookie products are following world fashion lastest trends, designed suitable for local customers and retailed at cheap prices. Because the main customers of Kookie are the youth, the design process is especially focused.
1.3. Market segment
 Clients of Kookies are young women who love fashion, want to be trendy, and want to buy clothes at more reasonable price.
 Because the target market of Kookie is the young women (18 – 35 years old), who mainly white collar employees or students at universities and colleges, they usually do not have time to go shopping (traditional shopping: go straigth to the store, choose the products and make payment). With the development of technology, they use online shopping and e-commerce more. So Kookie is going to penetrate a portion of the online retail market.
1.4. Main Competitors
The main competitors of Kookie are:
– Other clothing shops for women in Ho Chi Minh
– Online shops for women in Vietnam
1.5. Business Goals
Kookie aims to become the leading fashion brand for women in Ho Chi Minh City specifically and in Vietnam in general.
– In the period of 2016 – 2020: Kookie sets the target of opening 5 stores in Ho Chi Minh City
– In the period of 2020 – 2030: Kookie will have representatives agencies and partners in almost every cities in Vietnam. The target number is 60 agencies.
– In long-term, Kookie want to export its products abroad to South-Eastern countries.
In order to reach these goals, Kookie need to be consistent in every business aspect. Especially, all the members of Kookie need to adapt quickly to changes in business environment, customers’ preferences and technology breakthrough.
1.6. SWOT analysis
– Kookie provides customers with cheap, but fashionable clothes
– It has great locations of the store, with high traffic and convenient place for shopping
– The products are trendy
– Relatively low quality clothing
– Dependant on foreign suppliers (Thailand and China)
– Lack of control over garment production
– While market is large, it is a niche market
– Fashion market is growing, especially the fashion clothing for young women
– Growing online market
– Recession
– New retail shops that may open in the future
– This market is almost saturated, with the opening of many fashion clothing brands
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